YouTube Finally Notices Infowars Is Peddling Dangerous Conspiracies

Earlier this week, YouTube took down a video from one of Infowars' channels. [link]

Factual Allegations on Inventive Concept Preclude Dismissal of Complaint Under § 101

An amended complaint to make such allegations should generally be allowed.[link]

How Patent Owners Can Disqualify Prior Art References Relied Upon by Petitioner for Unpatentability

Two ways a patent owner can disqualify references relied upon by the petitioner for unpatentability.[link]

When Kids’ Toys Are Listening, the FTC is Watching

Chinese toymaker VTech recently settled charges with the FTC in the first-ever case involving internet-connected toys. [link]

Makers of Popular Bakugan Toy Files Patent Infringement Suit over Transformable Toys

On February 7th, Toronto, Ontario-based toy company Spin Master Ltd. filed a complaint for patent infringement against El Segundo.[link]

No DMCA Safe Harbor for Cox’s 13-Strike Policy for Terminating Repeat Infringers

The Fourth Circuit affirmed in part the district court’s granting of summary judgment to BMG on the § 512(a) DMCA safe harbor defense. [link]

Why is the Trump DOJ Arguing Patents Are a Public Right?

It is no surprise to anyone that patent rights in the United States suffered enormously under the two terms served in the White House by President Barack Obama. [link]

What Patent Attorneys, Patent Agents and Law Firms Need to Know about Client Communications

Patent agents in the United States are authorized to practice in patent prosecution matters before the  USPTO.[link]

Apply Evidence-based Approach to Antitrust Law Equally to Innovators and Implementers

Last week a distinguished group of thought leaders sent the following open-letter to Assistant Attorney General Makan Delrahim.[link]

Professor Tells UN, Governments Of Coming “Tsunami” Of Data And Artificial Intelligence

NEW YORK — Technology is moving so fast it could cause harm to humans even as it brings remarkable advances unless governments act, an Israeli professor and visionary thinker told a gathering of government and United Nations representatives here last week. [link]

Apple adds fitness features to smartwatch

Apple Inc is making its smartwatch one step closer to omnipresent, by enabling the Apple Watch to connect with gym equipment so consumers can more accurately track how they work out.[link]

China′s ZTE launches foldable double-screen smartphone in Spain

MADRID - Chinese multinational telecommunications company ZTE launched its new smartphone AXON M in Spain at an event held in Madrid late Tuesday.[link]

China′s Tecno takes market lead in Somalia amid rapid growth

MOGADISHU - Three years ago when Chinese phone-maker, Tecno made its entry through local dealers in Somalia, mobile phone users got a chance to sample new brand in a market which had then been dominated by Nokia, Samsung among other brands.[link]

AST Acquires 70 Patent Assets in Fixed Price, Fixed Term Buying Program

AST recently announced the results from IP3 2017, a fixed price, fixed term, collaborative patent buying program.[link]

Federal Circuit Upholds Thales Motion Tracking Patent Asserted Against U.S. Government for Second Time

The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has not shown itself to be an appellate venue which has been friendly to U.S. patent owners. [link]

Why the IP System Works Against the Small

Disturbing the delicate balance that is the patent system has far reaching and unintended consequences.[link]

Jury Finds Corel Willfully Infringed Microsoft Office Patents

Microsoft hadrequested more than $1 million in damages for the infringement of patents.[link]

Don′t Even Try to Repair Apple′s HomePod

You may not like the thought of paying Apple a pretty penny to fix theHomePod, but you might have to.[link]

AI Facial Analysis Demonstrates Both Racial and Gender Bias

A new study shows much higher error rates for people who aren't white or male.[link]

Maia T. Woodhouse Joins Nashville Office of Adams and Reese

The law firm of Adams and Reese further enhanced its intellectual property team.[link]